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You are not the first to discover that the contractor you hired is not able to fulfill those promises he made upon your initial meeting. Some homeowners have had their trust ruined by contractors who promise one thing then deliver another. When we decided to build a new fence, it was important that we prepare. Our first decision was to determine if we would do it ourselves without hiring professionals, hire Fencing Company Austin.

Yes, as you can guess we opted to tackle this DIY project on our own after having been burned. Our first step was to contact our local municipality to check into local ordinances, which could prevent us using certain fences or material. The area we live in isn't governed by a homeowners association, but if yours is you might want to get in touch with it before purchasing any materials or starting a project to learn about restrictions.

We aren't restricted in any way by the city I live. According to our research, we do not have any restrictions, so you can choose from decorative aluminum fence, wood, picket or a chain link fence. Install whatever you want. There are many communities that allow some types of wood fencing but not others. The height of the fence may restrict privacy wood fences.

It is important to confirm that your fence can be used as a barrier around a swimming area. Ask about the restrictions that apply to a fence around a pool, even if your yard fence is not restricted. A pool fence installed that does not comply with your state or local laws could be very expensive if you have to take it down and install another one.

In the beginning, I said that installing our fence would not be difficult. But after we chose a fence we really liked, we realized that it was going to be more complicated than expected. This aluminum decorative fencing was complex and would require professional installation. Since there are so many fencing contractors in Michigan, it was crucial that we first checked the BBB for our region. In addition to checking that the people we are dealing with have a high rating, we also asked around to family, friends and work colleagues to find out if someone had just recently installed a fence and had worked with one of BBB’s recommended contractors. One of the references was from a co-worker. Our investigation revealed that the business operated as one would expect in a professionally run environment.