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The Tower of London has been around for centuries and is still one of its most preserved structures. Tower of London, over time, has served as both a fortress to guard England and as a royal palace. Visitors to London, whether they are first-time visitors or have visited London previously, must visit the Tower of London. See Tower of London to get more info.

From the beginning of 1078 when it was founded, yeoman Warders have watched over The Tower of London. The Tower of London warders watch over the Tower of London, protecting it from intrusions and ensuring that no prisoners are able to escape. Yeoman Warders are required, since the beginning of their service to the Tower of London as well as the monarchy to swear an oath. In earlier years, the yeoman guards performed their duties without any clothing. Nowadays they wear more elaborate attire.

Tower of London became famous for its large number of executions. Anne Boleyn was executed in 1530. She was Henry VIII’s second wife. Henry thought she had committed adultery. She was then beheaded and burnt. Also, Sir Walter Raleigh who was an explorer of the Americas and fell out of favour with Elizabeth 1 also received a similar fate. The explorer was only released after two years and then beheaded by Elizabeth I in 1618.

Tower of London is the site of many historical events that have shaped London and England. It is in the Tower of London that you can find all of England's crown jewels. Gold, silver and gemstones from the royal collection are worth an unknown amount. Throughout the ages, kings have worn pieces from the royal collection. The crown jewels have been worn for so many years and at such significant moments in history.

Ceremony of the Keys is still one of oldest ceremonies in the Tower of London. Every night the Tower of London is locked up in a ceremonial manner by the Ceremony of the Keys. Since almost 700 years, this ceremony has taken place in the same exact way every night. Every night, just before 10:00pm, the chief warder enters the tower from the byward side with the torch-lit lantern and proceeds to the place of the bloody Tower. The famous exchange begins as soon as the gates are closed.

What's the word? "The Keys" "Who's Keys?" The Queen's Keys History is abundant in the Tower of London. Children and adults can both learn a lot from a visit to the Tower. Every time you visit, you will learn a little more about the content of the tower.

The Tower of London opens to guests every day of year except for Christmas Day, Christmas Eve Boxing Day and New Years Day. Admission is dependent on how old the visitors are and how many people they have in their group. As the open hours of each tower vary, it is important to check ahead of time to be sure that you have enough time to visit the towers. Tower hill Tube Station as well as many bus stops make it easy to reach the towers.