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It is not necessary to be an expert painter in order to finish a painting project. While some homeowners will paint their exteriors themselves, the majority of them hire professional One Man and a Brush Woodstock Painter to do their painting. Here are some tips to help you paint your home successfully.

Prepare the interior room for painting by removing all furniture and covering it with a dropcloth taped on the floorboards. Remove outlet plates. Tape off any areas where paint shouldn't get. Wear painter's clothing because the job can be messy. Plan to apply three coats: two of primer and one of the finish. You can use a paintbrush to cover corners, the area where ceiling and wall meet. Next, get out your roller pan and roller. Do not overfill the roller pan to avoid it drying out before use. Start quickly, so that the paint brushed on does not dry out before the paint rolled on. It will then blend nicely. If you have drips during the residential painting, keep rags or brushes on hand to clean them up.

You should not attempt to paint the house exterior unless you are an expert in the field. Before painting the exterior of your house, you should wash all surfaces. Sprayers that deliver high-pressured water are very effective. Sandpaper and paint scrapers can be used to remove cracked or chipped paint. Nail holes and siding cracks or tears should also be repaired. Caulk corners and seams, repair major problems with epoxy, sand surfaces that are rough or shiny, and remove light fixtures and screens. Drop cloths should be placed on any surfaces where it is hard to remove paint. Remove screens, light fixtures, and other items. Exterior painting follows the same steps as interior painting. One primer and two coats of exterior paint are applied. On all wooden surfaces, use a paintbrush. For everything else, you can use a roller.

Exterior painting is best handled by professionals due to the need for platforms and ladders. Residential painting can be tedious, but it is more enjoyable if done with good music and a buddy. The end result will be worth it if you do the job right.